Production operator, 32 years, working in the company – 2 years

“I started working in this company two years ago, and from the beginning, I liked everything I saw. I like the fact that we can work with new technology, that we have very good conditions and other facilities I did not have at the previous firm where I worked.

I consider this company to be one of the best in Bihor County, even in Romania. We have good wages, food tickets, uniforms, free transport from and to work, we have two cantinas well-arranged and maintained. We are offered the opportunity to have workplace training, which is a great advantage; We also have the opportunity to promote within company.”


Shiftleader, Assembly section, 38 years, working in the company – 7 years

“I’ve been working for Class Furn for about seven years, and I can honestly say that I do not know how time has passed. I started working as a simple worker, and now I am a Shiftleader, having 29 employees under my supervision.

Class Furn is like a family for me because it gives me a sense of security for the future. I love the work I’m doing here, the people I work with subordinates, colleagues and leadership. I like to know that I participate with my work in the welfare and growth of the company.

Thank you for your confidence!”


Shiftleader, stitching department, 22 years, working in the company – 2 years

“Thanks to the support offered by this company, as a person I have evolved for the better and I am pleased with the results.

We work in a pleasant environment where your colleagues support you. In addition, team work brings good results.”


Responsible Production, 61 years, working in the company – 14 years

“I’ve been working with this Management team since January 2003. It’s a very serious business.

In the managers’ view, no matter what hierarchical position you have, all employees are equal to the conditions offered, no discrimination. The same idea is about Suppliers or Collaborators, regardless of their size or potential. You can professionally develop easily if you are the right person and eager to learn because you have what is needed.

It’s really cool, it’s always new, new models, new procedures; Class Furn is in a permanent professional movement. It’s easy to coordinate, though there is a multitude of products. The Logistics are appropriate and up-to-date.

If you can, I wish you the chance to work in this company. You won’t regret it!”


Responsible Production, 39 years, working in the company – 15 years

“I started working in Class Furn  15 years ago as a laborer, and then continued in the assembly hall, finishing, after which I was appointed the head of a department. Thanks to the work done and my loyalty, the management decided to promote me to  a production manager.

I like the work they do and I can easily cope with any challenge. I want to grow even more and together to achieve what we have been aiming for. I hope to spend many years with this leadership team.”


Chief of Office Processing Command and Production Planning, 30 years, working in the company – 7 years

“I like to work here because it gives me the opportunity to develop my professional skills, I like to have the opportunity to look for new ways of improving my work and I like to work in a team.”



Responsible Production Control, 34 years, working in the company – 9 years

“Why do I like Class Furn:

  • Because over the 9 years I have worked here I have had the opportunity to be promoted from production assistant to production control;
  • Because each position on the route Class Furn provided all the means of helping me develop both professionally and personally, and made me feel useful and appreciated;
  • Because we have a nice collegial atmosphere, with colleagues I respect, whom I rely on and I’m happy to work with them.”


Supply and Purchasing Manager, 38 years, working in the company – 12 years

“It has been more than a decade since I was in business, and Class Furn Romania has helped me a lot not only to develop professionally but also personally. Each day is a challenge, but at the end of the day you have the winner’s satisfaction!”



Head of the Human Resources Office, 39 years, working in the company – 14 years

“I’ve been working for 14 years at Class Furn Romania and it has proven to be a great experience for me. I had the opportunity to develop myself both professionally and personally. It’s where you get your own confidence. Here you find colleagues and superiors always ready to give you the support you need. I really appreciate all that I have learned here and I am very proud to be part of the Class Furn Romania team. “



Economic Director, 46 years, working in the company – 12 years

“Work enriches man and I think the price paid for anything is valuable.”


Production Manager, 53 years, working in the company – 19 years

“I work from the beginning when Classfurn started in Romania.
I saw in Romania that there is a big change in the country, and that is
also at Classfurn. The most what me interested to work here is that the people learn a lot and that they change the mentality.
I am happy that we start here despite I have to travel a lot of hours every
week. And it gives me a good feeling that we have more then 50 people who works
already more then 10 years in Classfurn”.